Board of Directors

Susan Orbom (Chair)

A library patron since early childhood, I served on the board of the Placentia Library Special District in Orange County, California while working as a systems engineer in the aerospace industry. I don't miss the traffic! I love reading, watching the trees dance in the wind, traveling,  cooking, singing, and good conversation. My passion is dancing and teaching Argentine tango in the unique "ballroom" my husband Eric designed.

You can reach Susan at PO Box 204 Langlois, OR 97450 or call her at 541-348-2021. Her email address is


Carol Waxham (Vice Chair)

I moved to Langlois in the Spring of 1990 and quickly found that one of the most welcoming places in the community was our little public library.  I raised my 2 daughters in this community, one of whom attended her first Story Hour at 3 days old.  Since 1991 I have owned and operated Raincoast Arts, an Art Gallery featuring local and regional artwork.,Our library holds an important place in our community, being a place where people come together in many ways.

You can reach Carol at PO Box 154, Langlois, OR 97450 or call her at 541-348-9992 (please no phone calls before 10 am or after 8 pm). Her email address is

Sandra McDonald (Treasurer)

I am the great granddaughter, granddaughter, daughter, niece and great niece of  librarians.  I grew up in libraries, helping my mom type endless catalog cards (remember the cards?) I currently run a 33 acre farm, my own business (Wild Rivers Wool Factory, yes it still exists) and am an avid reader. Since semi-retirement, I'm averaging 2 books a day. I'm also a published author, and writing every day.  It turned out to be addictive.

You can reach Sandie at 541-348-2550 or email


Jo Rieber

 After careers in education and business consulting in New York, LA, and Salt Lake City, I retired to Langlois, a community which valued its library so much, it voted to increase property taxes to help fund the operations of a new building!  As an avid reader and educator, the Langlois Public Library became a center of my retirement life, along with walking on the beach by our glorious ocean at least once a week.

You can reach Jo at PO Box 1101 Langlois, OR 97450 or call 541-348-2174. 

Deanna McDermott

I've been a resident of the Langlois area for almost fifty years. I was on the Langlois Library Board for 16 years during which time the new library was built. I've also served 7 years on the Langlois Water District board. I am looking forward to helping re-establish the Langlois Library as a resource for learning, for entertainment, as an informational center and for just good old fashioned reading. Also, I am a contact person for the World Famous Langlois web site, posting events and other news blurbs & answering inquiries such as " Is my grandfather buried in the Denmark Cemetery?" and my most favorite:  Hey, I really want a Langlois T shirt, from a Mr. Langlois of Wisconsin. 

You can reach Deanna at 541-348-2507 or email