Board of Directors

Susan Orbom (Chair)


  I have been a library patron since early childhood. I love reading, traveling, cooking, singing, and good conversation. My passion is dancing and teaching Argentine tango.

You can reach Susan at PO Box 204 Langlois, Oregon 97450 or call her at 541-348-2021. Her email address is

Carol Waxham (Vice Chair)


  You can reach Carol at P.O. Box 154, Langlois, Or. 97450 or call her at 541-348-9992 (please no phone calls before 10 am or after 8 pm). Her email address is

Sandra McDonald (Treasurer)


Joanna Rieber


  After careers in education and business consulting in New York, LA, and Salt Lake City, I retired to Langlois, a community which valued its library so much, it voted to increase property taxes to help fund the operations of a new building!  As an avid reader and educator, the Langlois Public Library became a center of my retirement life, along with walking on the beach by our glorious ocean at least once a week.

You can reach Joanna at PO Box 1101 Langlois, OR 97450 or call 541-348-2174. 

Deanna McDermott